Weekly Minion Actions

“You Have Failed Me for the Last Time”
Any time you are unhappy with any Action Check, you can execute the minion who failed you and demand that the other try again if they don’ t want to meet the same fate. You may reroll the failure. You can only reroll once per Action Check and executing the minion so callously does shake the other minions — you take a -1 to Loyalty.

The Action List

This is a list of actions an evil organization can attempt. It is not comprehensive and with GM permission other actions may be permitted. Level always refers to the level of the highest level PC leader of the organiation.

Abduct Peasants (violent action): You need peasants (lvl 1-3 commoners) for your gruesome experiments or perhaps as monster chow. Roll a Ruthless Check.

Success:You abduct 2d6 Peasants
Failure:You abduct no one.
Natural 1: Failure and -1 to Secrecy.
Natural 20:Success and +1 Ruthless.

Assassination(violent action): Your minions attempt to kill someone. Roll a Ruthless Check. Important NPCs are often immune to this action.

Success:The target dies. -1 to Secrecy.
Failure:The target does not die.
Natural 1: The target does not die and minions are captured. -1 to Secrecy and Survivability.
Natural 20:The target dies and it looks like an accident. +1 to Ruthless.

Criminal Enterprise(violent action): Your organization uses crime to acquire funds. Roll a Ruthless Check.

Success:Level*1d6*10 gp is acquired.
Failure: You are revealed. -1 to Secrecy
Natural 1:Failure and -1 to Survivability
Natural 20:Success and +1 to Ruthless

Frame Someone(espionage action): Your minions plant evidence to convince the law that someone is guilty of some unsavory crime. Roll an Espionage Check.

Success: It works!
Failure: It doesn’t work.
Natural 1: It doesn’t work and your minions get
caught. -1 to Secrecy and Survivability.
Natural 20: Success and +1 to Espionage.

Gather Information (skilled action): Your organization tries to gather three random rumors or tries to answer three questions that might be know about town. Roll a Connections Check.

Success: The questions are answered.
Failure: You receive 1 random rumor.
Natural 1: You learn nothing.
Natural 20: Success plus +1 to Connections.

Grave-Robbing(skilled action): Your organization violates graves to acquire corpses and skeletons for you.

Success: 2d6 corpses or skeletons are acquired.
Failure: You are revealed. -1 to Secrecy
Natural 20: 4d6 are acquired instead.
Natural 1: As failure, but a number of minions are caught and hanged. -1 to Survivability.

Guard Duty:You assign your organization to guard a location for a week. This creates an encounter equal to a CR of the level of the highest level master -2.

Hunt Beasts(violent action): You order the capture of wild beasts to guard your base. Roll A Ruthless Check.

Success: Roll 1d10. The minions catch:
1 – 1d3 Snakes, Venomous (CR 1)
2 – 1d3 Giant Spiders (CR 1)
3 – 1d2 Crocodiles (CR 2)
4 – 1d2 Snake, Constrictor (CR 2)
5 – 1d2 Giant Leeches (CR 2)
6 – 1d2 Giant Toads (CR 2)
7 – 1d2 Tatzlwyrms (CR 2)
8 – Giant Mantis (CR 3)
9 – Giant Scorpion (CR 3)
10 – Chupacabra (CR 3)
Failure:Minions catch nothing.
Natural 1:Monsters catch minions. Survivability -1.
Natural 20:They catch a hydra (CR 4)

Indoctrinate: Your minions have grown quarrelous and forget their place. Teach them the meaning of obedience. Loyalty +1 up to a maximun of zero.

Lay Low:You organization keeps out of the spotlight for a while. Secrecy +1 up to a maximum of zero.

Legitimate Enterprise(skilled action): Your organization uses legitimate means to acquire funds. Roll a Connections Check.

Success:Level*(1d4-1)*10 gp is acquired.
Failure/Natural 1: no consequences
Natural 20:Success and +1 to Connections

Recover:Your organization stays out of danger and focuses on recruiting new members. Surivability +1 up to a maximum of zero.

Spread Disinformation(espionage action): You organization tries to convince the populace of something isn’t true.

Success:It works!
Failure:It doesn’t work.
Natural 1:Failure and -1 to Espionage.
Natural 20:It works! +1 to Espionage.

Torture Captives (violent action): Extract information from “guests” of your dungeon. Roll a Ruthless check.

Success: You receive answers to three questions.
Failure: No results.
Nat. 1: The prisoner dies(50%) or escapes(50%).
Natural 20: Success and +1 to Ruthless.

Training (skilled action): Increase Ruthless, Competence or Espionage by +1 up to a maximum of zero.

Trap Building (skilled action): Roll a Connections check to fix a trap.

Success:Spend the money to build the trap.
Failure:The traps are not built.
Natural 1: Failure and half the cost is wasted.
Natural 20:Success and Connections +1

Trap Repair(skilled action): Roll a Connections Action Check to fix three traps.

Success:Spend the money to fix the traps.
Failure:The traps are not fixed.
Natural 1:Failure and half the cost is wasted.
Natural 20:Success and Connections +1

Weekly Minion Actions

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